Wednesday, 5 November 2014

There came a moment....

I don't know if my opinion is worth much in life. I am just one person, in a world filled with opinions and ideas and notions. I have experienced different aspects in life but so has each person out there. All viewed through their eyes which makes each experience that should be similar, well rather unique.

I can only give my two cents and hope that in doing so I am maybe hitting home to some people, challenging others and sparking a discussion perhaps???

What is it that my internal mutterings will be about ? Well honestly a smattering of everything because I am a human and I could never define that with just one subject. I will write about the things that inspire me, that make me curious, that I know about and things I know little of and want to understand better.

I have only recently realised that the most wonderful part of this rather topsy turvey life we are all involved in is our voice. How we choose to use that, through a lyric in a song, or  a stroke of a brush on a canvas, shouting out in a crowd or a whisper in an ear and now that we have become creatures of the internet, through the blogosphere ha.

Some of the things I will want to say will be uncomfortable to read, confusing and challenging views some people may have grown up with. I don't mean to offend or hurt anyone in life and words can do just that sometimes, they hurt. What I do say is my opinion, my choice and my voice. If you have a different opinion or idea about anything I am writing then I urge you to discuss that with me or a friend or two friends or strangers , like I am.

I have been dubious for a long time about whether it is worth while, whether anyone will care about my voice but I am looking at this as a cathartic experience. Almost like a journal of what is happening in my mind on an average day. It will be personal, how could it not and it seems only too easy to "tip tap" on this keyboard my secrets and truths. I wont be right all the time, who can be and I await the lessons I will learn.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog,

Until then.....

Personally Speaking.

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